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Top 5 Best Halloween Instagrams

Since there are a few more weeks left in our favorite month I curated a little list of must follows to assist you in your spooky szn needs.



Ok, so this may be just a foodgram, but who cares. Half Baked has makes GOODT looking homemade meals according to season. You can feel the love and warmth she cooks into every meal through the screen. Not to mention everything is hot and hearty for a cold fall or winter day, so if you're looking for something to feed the fam, Half Baked Harvest is ya gal. 


It's not Halloween 24/7 on this gram but it's HALLO-day 27/7. LittaBits loves to decorate holiday themed from décor to donuts and we loveeee to see it!

3. @SpookyPumpkinQueen

But do you live, eat, sleep horror? Spooky Pumpkin Queen does. Year 'round she will have you thinking of and anticipating Halloween. She does it all, décor, decadent spooky cocktails, horror movie lists, and my personal favorite, a killer mug collection. 

2. @VeganTreats

Vegan Treats was the motivation behind this post. Every year I look forward to their deathly delights and I feel like everyone should know about them. Also, anything good and vegan is a plus.

1. @Trick_Thirtyone

The best to ever do it. All I can say is you don't do Halloween if you don't follow Jillian.


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