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Thirst Trap Scent

This scent is definitely captivating. It’s clean, a perfect blend and just smells so good. And what is nice is how the scent lingers for a while.

A Tiny Candle Tin
Elise Bullock-Winn
Strong scent for a Tiny Candle

I ordered 3 Tiny Candles as I'm a new customer and wanted to sample a few. All were nice but would only re order 2of them.

Cognac Candle

This candle smells ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The cognac scent is dominant while it’s not lit. And the candle itself has a strong scent while not lit too. Good buy!!

I have baby soft skin because of this

Don’t use unless you want your skin to feel like the softest most luxurious skin you’ve ever felt. I need a lifetime supply 💕 it doesn’t feel thick or clock my pores. 10/10!

Cemented - White
Chas Sinquefield
Long Lasting!

This candle is so fragrant and lasts long! I just love it !


Five stars, no notes. This room spral smells like a warm hug.

Candle Goodness

This candle smells like nothing I have ever smelled before. It’s fresh, subtly sweet and just absolutely amazing. It lasts a long time too. A candle I’ll want all year round.

Haus Reject
A great opportunity to experience different scents

I love this program! It lets me have a candle in the house each month and I get the chance to experience different scents. The jars too are some that I've kept and used as decoration or storage for small items. *Purple Flowers is not a part of Haus Reject*

New Holy Grail

I was looking for a facial oil that was all natural and contained both castor oil and rosehip. I scoured the internet for HOURS. This was the ONLY product I could find that met my criteria and the price point was great so I purchased. Shipping took a little less than 3 weeks but OMG, WHEN I TELL YOU THIS OIL IS F*CKING AMAZING! It smells wonderful! It’s also super light yet really moisturizing. I was worried the lemon would both my skin but it doesn’t at all (nor does it bother my eyes when applying around them). I immediately purchased a second bottle because I was worried if it takes awhile to ship again, I’d run out and I’ll never be without this again. The bottle is a good size especially for the price and beautiful packaging. Also customer service has just been absolutely amazing! I’d highly recommend this facial oil and this company!

A Wax Melt
I need these melts, like I need my Morning Coffee

I have this wax melting in my house every single day. The scents are incredible and always leave my house smelling divine but not over powering. People who come by always comment on how lovely my house smells. I ran out for a few days between shipments and picked up a melt from another brand and they didn't even come close to comparing. I know have a stockpile to make sure that doesn't happen again. Additionally I love that these are hand poured and that I am supporting a small, female owned business with my dollar. These wax melts are EVERYTHING- they bring a little joy to my day, every day.


Tomato Basil
Mel S

Woowww! What a scent. It not only gave me mental peace but everyone who comes in my house tells me it smells so fresh & garden-like. Sweetest basil ever.

One candle was messed up but it burns fine now

When I received my package, I noticed one of the candles scent was very strong. I opened the package and the Snozzberry lid was on the bottom of the tin candle which caused the candle wick to be smudged down in the candle and the wax was rubbed onto another candle tin. The candle wasn’t entirely damaged and I was able to restore the the candle wick which is burning just fine. Other than that, the candles smell great! I haven’t burned my cannabis candle yet. I’m really loving Library. I burn that while I’m studying the Word. Can’t wait to upgrade to bigger sizes.

Great home scent

I really enjoy this candle i'ts large so it lasts a long time, but also the scent smells really good lol kind of reminiscent of those laundry detergents with floral scents(at least thats what my bf says smh) probably the scent of powder alongside the florals is what makes it come off that way. Anyways, its a great candle for a good clean home scent. Very welcoming, however the only downside is the wick in my candle doesn't sit straight. As my candle burns down, the wick, instead of staying centered, is all the way on one side of the far, its not making the candle burn unevenly but i do get soot buildup on the glass on that side. Outside of that, it's great candle, definitely one to continue buying, this is a scent i think anyone would like.

Perfect Candle

I love this candle! It smells like the most delicious baked good and the fragrance is there from first burn to last. It's also a very clean burn throughout with no soot. I'm so glad I found this company. I will be a life long customer. Clean, highly scented candles are not easy to find.

Amazing products

I just love the products received by Predominantly Black. The wax melts are amazing and the fragrances smell so clean and fresh. My favorite is patchouli and honey. I will be a returning customer. Also the owner’s instagram page is very informative. She puts a great deal of heart, energy and effort in making her products. Love it!

Wake up and smell the coffee

Love the Woke body scrub! Smells and feels great!

Haus Reject
Brianna Green
I like it!

I love receiving my candle monthly. Sometimes I forget it is coming and getting home to a nice surprise. I'm not sure where the reject part comes in. The candles smell nice and are of quality like the other PB candles. My favorite one is the FIR.

Haus Reject
Jessica Stucky
Haus Candle

I recently purchased the Haus Reject candle from Predominantly Black, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations. The candle not only looks aesthetically pleasing with its sleek design, but it also fills the room with an enchanting and distinctive fragrance.


I love the scent! It’s very calming and relaxing. I mainly burn the candle during my Bible study and prayer time.

Smells great

Bought this for hubby as a Father’s Day gift. The smell is fabulous. Almost kept it for myself.


Bought this for hubby as a Father’s Day gift. The smell is fabulous. Almost kept it for myself.

Great texture, super hydrating

A facial scrub that doesn't feel like it's ripping my skin off = *chef's kiss*
My face isn't horribly sensitive, but it tends to get very moody when I add or change anything in my skin routine. This scrub didn't upset the balance at all, and my face feels fresh and hydrated after using it.

Honestly just want to eat it

Would it be weird to take this scrub to my local coffee shops and ask if they can make a drink the way this scrub smells? Probably? Okay. I guess I am stuck with its intended use until I find it in a drinkable form.

But as a scrub, it's delightful. The whipped texture is great, it spreads really easily and doesn't over-scrub or leave my skin dry. Love it.

Very cute

I personally didnt care for this one, the smoke scent that is in this candle is what ruined it for me. Smells like a grill/cigarette smoke. Like someone who smokes but doesnt want you to know they smoke, so they disguise it with incense. So, FOR ME, i didn't like it and the person i gifted it didnt care for it either. HOWEVER, others might really enjoy it, but this just wasnt for me. It is a cute candle though, and the the person i gifted it to loved it! Great candle, but just not for me.


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